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the naughtiest girl is a moniter.

My favorite book is the naughtiest girl is a monior because there is faboules charicters in it the main two is annabe

ll and elizebuth.It is called the naughtiest girl became a monitor and the main main character is the naughtiest girl.broken heart

The Midnight Gang.

The Midnight Gang is my favorite book becauase are sneek!ey! My favorite part is when they sneek out.heart


magic f

my favouite book is the magic fingers because i like when a girl get magic fing

My favorite book

My favorite book is The trols because I like princsess Poppy because her skin is a light pink and I like it when she goes to rescue her freinds.I also like the Bergens because they act beastly and they are funny too.My last favorit part is king peppy saying no trol left  behind.smiley



I like this because there are animals in this story and I like Roader books because they are realy are funy coolangry

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